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MKM Health recognises the need to offer value-for-money applications that deliver early benefits, align with local and national priorities and offer high value-add to existing ICT investments.

We have a range of products designed to enhance the value that can be realised from existing investment in core health systems.

We have also recognised the benefits that automation can bring to Patient Safety in hospitals and we provide the award winning Patientrack product to assist hospitals to recognise and manage the deteriorating patient and AssessmentPack to automate a wide range of patient assessments.

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MKM ValidationEngine
MKM ContextEngine
MKM DiaryLink
MKM FieldAssist

The linking of staff diaries held in Patient Management Systems (PMS) with calendars held in Desktop systems, and the sharing of data between them, enhances the value to patients and staff of the systems, and improves resource management.

Using an innovative mapping process MKM DiaryLink seamlessly and "in near real time" keeps the Desktop and PMS in alignment.

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Enabling mobile staff to collect patient data quickly and easily "in the field" and share information with central Patient Management Systems (PMS) contributes to improved outcomes and assists in efficient resource management.

MKM FieldAssist uses low-cost Personal Data Assistant (PDA) technology to deliver practical valuable support to health professionals working in an Ambulatory Care setting.

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MKM ValidationEngine allows organisations to implement their own business rules within existing software applications such as Patient Administration Systems. It helps align systems more completely with an organisationís business processes and data validation rules, and allows additional edit checks to be introduced that ensure the correct data is entered at the source.

This solution provides a quick to implement and non-intrusive overlay that monitors data entry and allows an additional layer of site defined business rules to be applied to the data being entered. Once the MKM ValidationEngine framework is installed it is simple to implement new business rules.

MKM ValidationEngine builds on existing Patient Administration System and other ICT investments, integrating seamlessly with hospital systems and work practices.


It has been proven that by helping users enforce appropriate business rules, the solution will deliver significant benefit and cost saving, including;

  • Revenue savings through valid data capture (for example, capturing the correct funding arrangement, or by making this step mandatory)
  • Removing the need for significant manual intervention in rectifying and rekeying data issues on an ongoing basis
  • More accurate data, captured at source by the end user for operational, management and strategic reporting
  • More timely delivery of statutory and other extracts
  • Avoiding the need to develop or maintain validation reports and separate software packages to check and manage the quality of data
  • Reduced training required for end users

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MKM ContextEngine extends the functionality of MKM ValidationEngine by allowing rules and context passing between two windows based applications. Actions can be captured in the source application, which then pass details and force actions within a target application.

MKM ContextEngine allows organisations to streamline the users experience across their use of multiple applications (for example, in moving from the Department of Health supplied VINAH errors, into the incorrect record in the i.PM PAS). It can move from a defined action or, keystroke in the source application and will copy relevant details into the target screens in the second application.

The solution can deliver significant benefit and cost saving, including removing the need for significant manual intervention in identifying the offending data (from supplied error reports).

It can also be used to carry patient details from PAS to a third party solution such as Community Health or Clinical portals.

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Adverse events are a major cause of preventable deaths and disabilities in hospitals, and they are an enormous resource and cost burden. Each year, adverse events are believed to be responsible for 18,000 deaths in Australia, 40,000 in the UK and 98,000 in the US.

Patientrackô captures commonly recorded ward observations through bedside laptop computers, hand-held PDAs or existing systems. Patientrackô’s unique risk algorithms detect data and data combinations that require an alert to be raised, and graded alerts are delivered using existing pager, mobile phone or hospital wireless network devices. If a doctor receiving an alert is unable to respond, the alert is sent to the next most appropriate doctor until there is a response and attendance.

Patientrackô reduces preventable deaths and disabilities, with clear positive patient outcomes, and resource and cost benefits.

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Patient assessments and screenings are a recognised and growing part of the Patient Safety agenda. Assessments and screenings, which are typically carried out by nurses and doctors on the ward, improve clinical outcomes, avoid harm and improve efficiency and effectiveness.

Currently assessments and screenings are typically implemented through paper forms, "tacked onto" existing ward processes. In the main, current methods are time-consuming, inefficient in use of resources, error prone and costly. At the same time, the need for action is being flagged by doctors, nurses and professional bodies, and the assessments and screenings are becoming part of national, regional and local safety initiatives and quality indicators.

AssessmentPack has been designed to meet these needs for patient assessments and screening by making electronic assessments simple for doctors and nurses. It takes advantage of the increasing use of mobile technologies and wireless on the ward, and systems such as Patientrackô, Bed Management and PAS solutions that increasingly store and manage some of the relevant data in real time and can act as launch points.

The benefits and business case for each assessment type / screening type is intuitive.

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