MKM Health

MKM Health offers a range of services to help plan for, manage, implement, integrate and support ICT solutions for the health care environment.

Our services are delivered by experienced health ICT professionals and underpinned by agile insightful approaches. We help deliver ICT solutions, achieve strategic visions and draw out benefit from ICT investments.

  • Project Management – Managing healthcare ICT projects with a focus on effective process design and change management, as well as traditional project management disciplines.
  • Advisory – Strategy and other consultancy services around ICT in healthcare ranging from business case development to review of ICT services and reporting structures
  • Architectures and Roadmaps – Designing and developing information, systems, solution, integration and technology architectures that define the target ICT environment, and roadmaps to deliver it.
  • Integration and Interfacing – Designing, developing and implementing standards-based interfaces and integration solutions between local systems and with national systems. Typically in complex environments where strategy, technology choices, local priorities, existing investments and vendor requirements (current and future) all need to be considered and balanced.
  • i.PatientManager (i.PM) Related Products and Services – An independent supplier of i.PM experience and skills, supporting users of this leading patient administration and clinical systems from CSC/iSOFT across public and private sectors. We offer a complete service - from a full implementation service to tackling specific tasks such as data migration, helping to implement and configure the i.IE, interfacing & integration, reporting / extracts, the use of LDDIs and helping configure the i.PM billing module and billing allocator.
  • Infrastructure Design and Integration – Designing and integrating enterprise network and server infrastructure to support complex distributed systems environments.
  • Software Solution Development and Integration – Designing, developing and implementing custom software applications to meet specific requirements using leading edge industry-standard software development methods and tools.
  • Contracted Support – a managed support service for core health applications, integrated enterprise application platforms, data extracts and reporting.